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Clinton Utah is a city in Davis County, Utah. Clinton first started out as a dry farming area in 1879. Clinton began growing rapidly during the 1990s. Between 2000 and 2010 the population change increased by 62.3% with the population in 2010 at 20,426 citizens. Just 10 years ago, when a person would ask a Clinton resident where they were from, they would answer “Layton” because nobody would know where Clinton is. Today, that answer has changed as Clinton is now on the map.

Quick Clinton Homes For Sale Facts

  • Clinton has 126 homes for sale in 55 different neighborhoods.
  • The average acreage of a lot for sale in Clinton is just over a quarter acre (.261 acres)
  • The average listing price of a Clinton home is just under $200K ($198,520)
  • The average square footage of a listing in Clinton is 2445.1 sq. ft
  • The average home being sold was built 14 years and 6 months ago

* These facts are a snapshot of only one day. These facts may be out of date tomorrow, but statistically speaking, they are likely to still be within a close range of accuracy (given that Clinton does not experience any major changes soon).

The general makeup of Clinton is a good community of hard working residents. Many people commute to Salt Lake, or make a short drive to Ogden for work. Clinton is a middle class city of comfortable homes, of groups of neighborhoods dispersed by fields and some open space. With the rapid expansion of Clinton, there has also been a boom of commercial stores brought in. Most of Clinton is centered around the main Clinton City Park Plaza, where there are a variety of restaurants, Lowes, and Macey’s. Just about everything you’ll need in one place is found in a nice central Clinton location.

Beautiful well maintained parks also dot the city, some have beautiful water features and playgrounds, where others are just wide open spaces (near the city offices) with Tennis and Basketball accessibly to anyone who would like to play at any time. Clinton also comes together as a city each July for the annual Clinton Days Celebration. Residents enjoy a 5K, parade, carnival, live bands, and fireworks in the evening.

Clinton Public School

Students that live within Clinton City borders are a part of the Davis County School District. There are a number of public schools for kids to attend, as well as a number of private and charter schools. There is also a great variety of recreational activities available for all ages. Everything is offered from little league baseball to adult swim classes. It will be easy to keep yourself and your family involved and active in Clinton Utah!

Homes For Sale

Clinton Real Estate Market Trends

Prices of Homes in Clinton Utah

This graph shows the monthly sales price for residential homes in Clinton Utah. The blue line indicates the original list price of the properties, and the red line shows the median final sales price.

Monthly Real Estate Sales Numbers for Davis Utah

This chart shows the total number of monthly home sales in Clinton Utah.

Median Price per Square Foot of Clinton Homes
This graph shows the median price per square foot in Clinton Utah.

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